Saturday, May 21, 2016

Phantom Bunny Earth - Page 3

Here she is! Toots the Cat has returned to our strip! But where has she been? Maybe we'll find out in part four of "Phantom Bunny Earth!!"

Bonnie and Toots had planned on wearing their swimsuits for this episode, but then Toots decided that she might look cuter for her big entrance if she was nude. Then Bonnie thought, "What the Hell!" and took her suit off too!

They hope the readers don't mind!

In Toot's first story, she enjoyed shooting in the nude so much, that she decided to start doing some nude work on the side, in fact she hopes to do well enough in this endeavor that she never has to wear clothing ever again. She accepts Paypal!

If you'd like to order a special commission drawing of Bonnie Bunny, Toots the Cat or any of the other characters you can reach me: here

And here's another pin-up of Toots for your enjoyment!

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