Thursday, August 1, 2013

Toot's own Pearl Necklace

Toots has been given a choice by the gods. She can remain a cat-girl, or if she desires she can become a herm! She's asked for a dick, at least temporarily to try it out! So far, she likes it a lot!

She always liked the taste of sperm, but he likes the taste of her own more than any she ever tasted before, and she has tasted a lot of dicks! The gods have warned her if she stays a herm too long, she might have to stay that way!

What shall she do? Go back to being a girl, or keep the dick that the gods gave her? Click on the picture below to see her with her cunt rather than her cock!

Toots new boyfriend wanted his old buddy to meet Toots. But when guys meet Toots, it is often for more than polite conversation! She loves to fuck his friends!

Click on the art for a better view. Click on it again for a very large closeup!

If you'd like to order a special commission drawing of Toots the Cat posing nude, sucking or fucking, you can reach me: here

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