Saturday, September 5, 2015

Bonnie takes her new outfit to the beach

Phantom Bunny shows her gal-pal Betty her new beach ensemble consisting of a small sheer yellow skirt that leaves her cunt exposed and contrasting pink flip-flops.

Betty Bunny prefers to go fully nude, but likes Bonnie's new look.

Mesmerized by Bonnie's erect nipples, Betty asks Bonnie if it okay to suck on her cute little tits as she finds them very attractive!

Bonnie, brushing this request aside, asks her friend if she wouldn't rather suck on a cock. Betty blushes and admits that yes, she would, but that her boyfriend might not approve of her sucking on another guy.

Bonnie, who likes to instigate sexual adventures and freedom suggests that Betty, like all girls, needs to try out new dicks on occasion and that she can easily get her own boyfriend to gather a number of his friends to fuck Betty, but that her boyfriend will want to fuck her first and that his friends will be getting very sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths and more.

It doesn't take long for Betty, now thinking about all of the dicks that could be cumming inside of her to agree to be at the center of this group sex event without her boyfriend's permission!

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