Thursday, May 13, 2010

Betty Bunny licks Bonnie!

We've received many requests for some scenes of Bonnie Bunny from the time that she lived in the "Land of the Easter Bunnies." Most of the time, Bonnie enjoyed the company of her friends, both male and female.

We've already seen a couple of pictures of her engaged in sexual relations with her main squeeze Thorrabbit, but as we see here, Thorrabbit was not the only one enjoying Bonnie's charms. In the "Land of the Easter Bunnies," it is common for all the bunnies to screw all the other bunnies. That's pretty much all any of them ever do. Betty Bunny does not only play with Bonnie, but has also fucked Bonnie's boyfriend Thorrabbit many times.

Let me know what you think of the comic. Would you like to see more scenes like this? Would you like to see more scenes of Bonnie having sex with other women, or would you prefer seeing more with Bonnie having sex with Thorrabbit or other male characters from the strip? Write me:

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